Process Flow Management

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts
Wisdom lies in their simplification

Martin H Fisher

A business process begins with a customer's need and ends with a customer's need fulfilment.  The outcome of a well designed business process is increased effectiveness (value for the customer) and increased efficiency (less costs for the company).

Too often companies concentrate on processes that do not add value or profitability.  AVID's unique Process Flow Management Systems has enabled many companies to reach economies of scale whilst reducing costs. Some of the functionalities include:

  • Online collaboration by various role players
  • Template driven communication to clients
  • File, Notes and Document control
  • Integrated Diary, Reminders and scheduling of events
  • Integration with your current website to allow your clients to view files/documents

Our established core modules are easy to customize and delivery and installation can take place within one week.

See some of the solutions for various industries:

For Attorneys

For Accountants

Recoveries and Liability Claims



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